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December 10, 2021
2 minutes read
Ubisoft Toronto Team

It’s been a year of discovery both inside and outside of Ubisoft Toronto. We’ve settled into new routines and new ways of working.

And as 2022 approaches, we’ve been taking additional time to reflect on the road ahead.

Fun fact: the vocal performances are from Nisa Gunduz and Sean Rey, the actors who played Dani in Far Cry 6

“We are Ubisoft Toronto. We are artists and makers, dreamers and risk-takers. 

We create worlds and tell stories that grip you, inspire you, and challenge you.” 

Opening the weekUbisoft Toronto Managing Director Istvan Tajnay revealed a new set of values for our studio during Discovery Days, week of workshops and presentations dedicated to imagination, exploration, and discovery.

These core values – trust, integrity, excellence and care – are the result of many of us at the studio, working together, to think about who we are, what we care about and what we want for ourselves. They reflect a commitment from the leadership team tcontinue striving towards becoming a stronger, safer and more fun place to work. 

Ubisoft Toronto Manifesto Core Values

With this set of values at the center of everything we do, we have a clear intention for the path we’re paving as a studio,” said Istvan Tajnay. It’s easy for these kinds of statements to become corporate jargon, but the words we use to define our values are meaningful. Over the next year, I want us to find our sense of focus and fun, creativity and care together. 

These values are a part of the continued transformation taking place at our studio, including the recent Life at Ubisoft announcement, which provides more options and flexibility for employees, and emphasizes our commitment to placing well-being at the heart of our employee experience. 

Ubisoft Toronto Manifesto

In the new year, what you see above will be featured prominently on the walls of our studio, as a reminder to ourselves of the culture we’re building.

We are, humbly and proudly, Ubisoft Toronto. Join us and help create the future of our studio together.

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