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From Hot Wings to Game Show Giveaways — How Ubisoft Toronto Celebrates the Holidays

December 11, 2021
3 minutes read

We take our holiday parties very seriously at Ubisoft Toronto. This year, we threw our own virtual Holiday Game Show, with some sweet prizes up for grabs! (Anyone still looking for a PS5?) 

And guess who showed up to MC?  

Over the course of the night, Cash Cab Guy Adam Growe hosted trivia, mini-games, and got to know our teams through a sweet selfie-collage. With exciting prizes on the line, the competition was fierce!  

Ubisoft Toronto Holiday Game Show Selfie Board

But first, we put Ubisoft Toronto Managing Director Istvan Tajnay in the hot seat.  

Ubisoft Toronto Presents Hot Vans. Logo alongside chicken breathing fire

Hot Vans With Istvan  

With Tajnay new in town from Berlin, we decided to bond over some good ol’ fashion hot wings. Turns out, turning up the Scoville level is a great way to learn about your Managing Director.

In a video presented to the teams, Tajnay and our Associate Director of Communications, Zack Cooper, chowed down on wings and turned the heat way up!

* No managing directors were harmed in the making of the video. 

Holiday Game Show 

To kick off the game show, Growe introduced the contestants in a lighthearted Q&A. (Come on dooowwwnnn!) 

Six members of our team faced off in a trivia battle to win a PS5! The rest of us got to play, too, with a Nintendo Switch OLED and an Xbox Series X up for grabs.  

When you get a crew of video game creators together for a game show, expect some fierce competition. 

Host Adam Growe asking a trivia question at the Ubisoft Toronto Holiday Game Show

At-home contestants put their knowledge to the test in four rounds of trivia, covering pop-culture, TV & film, music and Ubisoft facts! There were more opportunities to rack up points in lightning round mini-games like smashing the Ubisoft logo in whack-a-mole and flexing our memory in Simon says. 

In-game contestants had a bit more of a challenge, though. To earn a PS5, they had to do a little more than answer a few trivia questions correctly. Challenges include making realistic animal noises, lip-syncing to the 1978 Gloria Gaynor bop “I Will Survive,” and delivering a rockin’ air guitar performance!

Luckily, our teams are multi-talented.

In the end, Breanna Harvey, Learning and Development Generalist, took home the top prize. Congratulations on your PS5!

GIF of Breanna Harvey holding PlayStation 5 in front of Ubisoft Logo decorated with holiday lights

It was a fun night of hot wings and spicier questions, thrilling trivia, and top-notch performances from the contestants. And what better way to cap things off than with a little sweet treat to get into the holiday mood, Ubisoft-style. 

Ubisoft Toronto Holiday Swag

Everyone received a sweet swag pack for Discovery Days. If you missed out the action, you can catch our recap here. 

That’s a wrap for the holiday festivities! From Ubisoft Toronto, we wish everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.   

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