Life at Ubisoft: Driving Transformation Within Our Studio

The world of work is changing – across industries, throughout Canada and around the world – and so is Ubisoft Toronto. As part of a Canada-wide initiative, the studio has announced several new policies, offering all employees a more balanced approach to their personal and professional lives.

These changes reinforce the studio’s commitment to employees and their mental and physical health, and include:

  • Universal Vacation Time: Six weeks of vacation for all Ubisoft employees, regardless of seniority,  in Canada.
  • Hybrid & Flexible Work: Employees have the option of working from home or the office.
  • Enhanced Parental Leave Program: More support following the arrival of a child, with employees receiving 75% of their full salary.
  • Part-time Work Opportunities: Making more time for employees and their passions.
  • Right to Disconnect: When the work day is over, it’s over.

Meaningful Vacation Time for Our Teams 

All employees, regardless of their level of employment, salary scale or seniority, will be entitled to six weeks of vacation.

Starting in 2022, Ubisoft Toronto is also adding two additional statutory holidays to our calendar. 

To ensure the selected dates are the most meaningful to our teams, the decision was made in a studio-wide vote. The two statutory holidays with the highest votes were Easter Monday (Monday after Easter Sunday) and Remembrance Day (Nov. 11). 

These new statutory holidays will be implemented so that our employees have time off that matters, for quality time with friends and family, and self-care.  

Work-Life Balance 

Hybrid work has allowed employees to better reconcile work and their personal lives. The new flexible work policy means employees can opt to work from home or the office, which allows for the best of both worlds encouraging collaboration and productivity with improved flexibility. 

Together with the adoption of a right to disconnect philosophy, we ensure a clear division between work and personal time. We want our teams’ down time to be for them! Once the work-day is over, everyone has the right to disconnect. 

Time for Passions and the People that Matter Most

Ubisoft Toronto is also introducing access to part-time work opportunities, allowing employees to pursue personal projects, go back to school, or care for their families. No one should have to choose between work and their personal interests. 

In addition, our enhanced parental leave program allows employees on parental leave to receive 75% of their salary during their leave –  over and above the amount that the government provides. This time is important, and we want our employees to be able to make the most of it with their loved ones. 

“We’re listening to our people and challenging ourselves to do better. That’s why we’re making these changes now.” Travis McGill, Ubisoft Toronto’s recently appointed HR Director.

To continue to build strong teams and develop even better games, we need create a culture that encourages openness, innovation and creativity. That starts by offering employees a more balanced approach to their personal and professional lives, and additional flexibility in how they manage their work lives.

— Travis McGill, HR Director

Ongoing change at Ubisoft Toronto

Ubisoft and Ubisoft Toronto have made significant and meaningful changes over the last year. As the world of work continues to evolve, both global and studio leadership teams are committed to creating a flexible workplace environment, rooted in healthy, happy and productive teams.

While these changes are another stake in the ground for Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft in Canada, demonstrating the studio’s commitment to improving the work lives of employees and creating a sustainable place to work over the long term, this is just the start.

 Ubisoft Toronto is hiring for a number of roles. If you’re interested in joining us, visit our career page.

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