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Meet the Cast of Far Cry 6 ⁠— the Talent Behind the Revolution

November 12, 2021
6 minutes read
Meet the Cast of Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is home to some memorable characters, and behind each one is an actor giving their all to bring them to life. Writing and design are only ever half of the equation when it comes to creating a character. A character is only complete when the actor finishes the package by bringing their own unique insights and energy.

Let’s take a look at a selection of the talented actors behind Far Cry 6.


Dani Rojas is the main protagonist of Far Cry 6. We play Dani’s journey from on-the-run orphan outcast to beating heart of the revolution. Players are able to play both male and female Danis, and Nisa Gunduz played the part of the latter.

Nisa is an up-and-coming young actor who decided to pursue her passion for the craft after graduating from university. Before landing one of the lead roles on Far Cry 6, Nisa appeared in Designated Survivor and Workin’ Moms. When she’s not in front of the camera, Nisa dedicates her time to animal rescue – she’s the founder of Peanut Mutter Rescue.


Sean crafted his trade-mark intensity in productions such as Rev and Hemlock Grove, and he’s set to appear in the feature Absolute Anger.


Clara Garcia is the young, but hard-bitten, leader of Libertad. The guerrillas of Far Cry 6 would be lost without the leadership of Clara Garcia – and Clara would be nothing without the talent of Jess Salguiero. Jess is a prolific actor, and you can see her talent on display in The Boys, Y: The Last Man, The Expanse, and Tiny Pretty Things.


Juan Cortez breaks countries for breakfast. He’s an old spy who’s worked for the CIA, FSB, the Columbian cartels, and just about anybody with an axe to grind and cash to spare. He’s a bad enemy to make, but a great mentor – if you can stand his jokes.

Juan is played by Alex Fernandez, a veteran actor with a credit list that ranges from Barbarians, to Call of Duty, to True Detective. Far Cry 6 was lucky to have him on board.


Camila Montero goes by the name ‘Espada’, or ‘The Blade’ – and she earned that name the hard way. Caught between her traditional father and an ever-changing revolution, Camila walks a very narrow tight-rope with the future of her family, and her country, hanging in the balance.

The secret behind Espada’s fiery passion is Shakira Berrera. Before signing up for the revolution, Shakira was best known for her Screen Actor’s Guild nominated performance as Yolanda Rivas in Netflix’ GLOW. You can also see her work in Shameless and Animal Kingdom.


Carlos Montero is the head of the Montero clan, a ranching family with deep roots in the farmlands. He’s the father of Camila, and the clash between the generations over the future of the family runs even deeper.

Conrad Pla brought the gruff patriarch to life. After finding success in his kickboxing career, Conrad made the leap into acting. You can find him on The Expanse, 19-2, and Pure.


Fans of Far Cry 6 will never forget the eccentric mechanic of the West and his little amigo, Chorizo. Philly provides the firepower for the Montero family – the revolution would be impossible without him.

Philly’s distinct voice and personality come straight from the heart of Manuel Rodriguez Saenz. Not only did he perform, but Manuel also acted as a consultant for the game, joining the writing team to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the voices of Yara. You can see Manuel at work in the Netflix series Black Summer and CBC’s The Communist’s Daughter.


Talia Benevidez is one half of protest rap duo, Maximas Matanzas. She is the voice of the young, the outcast, and the disaffected, and learned to channel her experiences towards shaping a better Yara.

The energy and fire behind Talia belong to Mercedes Morris – an accomplished actor, singer, and artist. You can see her versatile talents at work in American Gods, Killjoys, and Hudson and Rex. Mercedes has also been treading the boards at the world-famous Stratford Festival. Beyond acting, Mercedes has released her first three singles; combining her Caribbean background and Toronto upbringing to produce a unique fusion of R&B and Hip-hop.


Paolo De La Vega is a DJ, an ex-soldier, and the other half of Maximas Matanzas. Paolo’s a former army brat with his own personal revolution to fight; he’s trans in a country that refuses to accept him for who he is.

The performance of Xavier Lopez brings heart, soul and passion to the character of Paolo – and you can see his other work on Star Trek: Discovery, and Titans.


Yelena was a student activist, protesting the regime of Anton Castillo, until a massacre at her school turned her into a hardened guerrilla. As the leader of La Moral, Yelena wages a ruthless war against her oppressors.

Sara Garcia is the force behind Yelena Morales. When she’s not playing a guerrilla, you can find Sara in such productions as The Flash, X Company, and Reign.


Jorge, better known as ‘El Tigre’ is one of the Legends of ’67 – a band of guerrillas that led a successful revolution in Yara. El Tigre still carries the fire of revolution in his heart, but he needs Dani’s help to remind the other legends that the fight for freedom isn’t over.

El Tigre was played by none other than Conrad Coates – you might recognize him from his roles on Star Trek: Discovery, Jupiter’s Legacy, and Shadowhunters.


‘Lucky Mama’ is another Legend of the ’67 revolution. She was a medic, and known as the heart of the guerrilla movement. Lucky Mama is reluctant to join the fight, but Dani Rojas inspires her to pick up her first-aid kit and join the new revolution.

Liza Huget provides the voice and the fierceness behind Lucky Mama. Her work can also be found on Motherland: Fort Salem, The Good Doctor, and Stargate SG1


The bold, blue and bedazzled alter ego of Gilberto Rosario, spymaster of La Moral. Using her position as a singer and entertainer for the military, Rosa Mel organized a network of spies within the FND.

And who better to bring the eccentric espionage leader to life than drag queen Selena Vyle. Selena is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning storyteller and performer known for her political performances and social commentary. She’s also the co-host of Squirrel Talk podcast.

Craving more Far Cry 6 behind-the-scenes action? Check out the origin story of the ultimate good boy, Chorizo, or have a look at our infographic breakdown of what it took to bring Yara to life!

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