Far Cry 6 Art Blast: A Haunting in Yara

When the moon rises in Yara, keep little Chorizo behind closed doors. You never know what creatures you’ll find lurking in the dark – animal and human alike. With bloodthirsty jaguars and Anton’s forces waiting at every turn, watch your back and keep those Resolvers locked and loaded 

Here are some of Yara’s spookiest spots, designed by the artists of Far Cry 6! 

Which of these is the last place you’d want to meet Anton Castillo? Let us know on social!

Panthers running with glowing eyes in dark forest with fire
Alison Gains, Level Designer
Black horse on fire in forest filled with flames
Mylaine Blain, CG Illustration Artist
Bodies wrapped in white cloth floating in water
Dana Rebekah Pulmano, Model Artist
Crossbow aimed at figures on bridge with crocdile and hanged man
Vitalii Smyk, Concept Artist
Rock cave with barricaded door
Daniel Sewell, Lighting Artist
Shack with hanged body, crows and dark, cloudy sky
Stephanie Lawrence, Concept Artist
Stephanie Lawrence, Concept Artist
Deteriorating apartment building covered in graffiti and dirt
Richard Wych Bharata Setiawan, Lead Level Artist
Sandra Parling, Model Artist
Shipwreck at bottom of ocean bathed in green light
Zubair Islam, Level Artist
Abandoned building with graffiti, debris and garbage
Karen Stanley, Level Artist
Cave lit in red light from lamp with underground stream
Sylvain Picard, Level Artist
Courtyard at night with angel statues and cross lit by streetlamps
Wilfried Galle, Lighting Artist
Empty street at night with crocodile statue lit by streetlamp
Zubair Islam, Level Artist
Wooden bridge over river in misty, dark jungle
Rudy Lamotte, Model Artist

Artist listed may not be the sole owner/creator of the asset. Be sure to check out ArtStation for their contribution. This is the fourth part of a series that explores the extraordinary visuals of Far Cry 6. Stay tuned for our next collection!

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