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Exploring the Jungle Within: Far Cry’s IP Director Reflects on the Theme of morality

To celebrate Far Cry’s 20th anniversary, we sat down with IP director Drew Holmes to discuss the series’ central...


Striving Towards Diverse, Authentic Representation in Games: Meet Gayle McFarlane, Casting Specialist

Games are telling ever more diverse stories both in terms of cultures and experiences, and Gayle McFarlane knows the...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Roger Liu, Level Artist

Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? For Roger Liu, it’s a little of both. A veteran...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Paul Pytlik, Level Designer

A Ubisoft veteran — Paul has been a part of the Toronto studio for over 10 years! In that...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Jill Quek, Associate DevTest Team Lead

Jill Quek knows a thing or two about career variety. After working in various industries like tourism, retail, administration...