Far Cry 6 Art Blast: Postcards From Yara

The island of Yara may be fictional, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer killer views.

The Libertad guerillas have been sending us postcards of Yara’s landmarks and destinations designed by Far Cry 6’s talented artists. In their travels, they’ve encountered charming waterfalls, charged city streets and hidden pirate coves. We’re not sure if they found any treasure (or all 55 easter eggs), but the snapshots we’ve received are golden.  

If you haven’t been able to visit, here’s a look at some of the sights you can see in Yara created by Far Cry 6’s top-notch team of artists:

Crocodile on lawn chair by pool
Branko Bistrovic, Lead Concept Artist
Market square with palm trees and statue
Branko Bistrovic, Lead Concept Artist
Tall building on street corner
Nikita Hrushevskyi, Model Artist
Cathedral with blue Libertad banner
Isaiah Fernandez, Model Artist
Production studio parking lot with building and large sign
Mark Tomé, Model Artist
Beige cathedral with blue sky
Matt Kang, Model Artist
Art of DJ playing for crowd at beach
Ying Ding, Concept Artist
Art of cluttered rooftop overlooking city
Vitalii Smyk, Concept Artist
Art of small island fortress
Sophie Satomi Iwamoto, Environment Artist
Art of skull cave and blue water
Zubair Islam, Level Artist
Herald Mendoza, Intermediate 3D Artist
Art of waterfall with rainbow and deer
Stephanie Lawrence, Concept Artist
Art of two figures riding horses by waterfall
Ying Ding, Concept Artist
Art of lush shadowy forest
Billy Matjiunis, Associate Art Director
Art of dirt road leading to windmill
Billy Matjiunis, Associate Art Director
Art of forge overlooking lake
David Chan, Lead Artist

 Artist listed may not be the sole owner/creator of the asset. Be sure to check out ArtStation for their contribution.

This is the first part of a series that explores the beautiful visuals of Far Cry 6. Stay tuned for our next collection!

Far Cry 6 art, Furioso Supremo backpack

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