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Far Cry 6 By the Numbers

October 8, 2021
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FC6 by the numbers

What does it take to bring worlds like Yara to life? 

Plenty of passion, intense dedication, truckloads of teamwork, and apparently over 1,300 flaura and fauna assets. 

From catchable fish to customizable flamethrowers, Yara has something for everyone. So while you’re plotting to take down Anton’s army, don’t forget to also take in the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise… And catch a fish (or 13!) 

Be sure to check out Gameplan for walkthroughs as well as tips and tricks! A good guerrilla arms themselves with information, just as they do with weapons, after all! 

And don’t forget to hit us up on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube) and share with us your favourite part of Far Cry 6 so far. We hope you enjoy your trip to Yara!


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