Ubisoft Toronto Mentors at SheHacks+ VI: Canada’s Largest All-Female and Non-Binary Hackathon

As game developers, we believe it is our responsibility to help create a stronger, more inclusive future for the video game industry. Throughout the year, mentors from our studio give back by sharing their skills, knowledge, and insight with emerging talent at initiatives like Hack the ROM and Hack the North. This weekend we had the amazing opportunity to connect with some of these individuals at SheHacks+ VI! 

SheHacks+ VI January 7-9 2022. 36-hour hackathon for women and non-binary individuals. Text alongside graphic of hamburger toppings on white background.

SheHacks+ is Canada’s largest all-female and non-binary 36-hour hackathon. Hosted by the Women in Technology Society at Western University, the hackathon strives to create change in the industry through gender diversity and inclusion in tech, fostering a supportive community for women, women-identifying and non-binary individuals. 

SheHacks+ VI

This year there were over 400 hackers who participated in the virtual hackathon and their enthusiasm was contagious! Our mentors had a great time connecting with junior talent and loved getting a glimpse at the future of the industry.

Three headshots side-by-side of Shaked Brosh, Sarah Burton and Stephanie Brenham
Ubisoft Toronto mentors Shaked Brosh, Sarah Burton, and Stephanie Brenham

Two of our mentors, Stephanie Brenham, Team Lead Programmer on Far Cry 6, and Shaked Brosh, Gameplay Programmer, connected with participants by sharing their experiences as women in technology. Their stories of overcoming adversity and paving new ways forward were inspirational – and reminded hackers of the importance of breaking the status quo. 

To give participants an idea of what life is like at Ubisoft Toronto, Production Manager, Sarah Burton, shared an inside-look at her role, career path, and expert tips to achieve success. As a Production Manager responsible for leading a team, these are some things to keep in mind: 

  1.  Your team is competent and skilled.
  2.  You are part of the team.
  3.  Other teams are part of the team.
  4.  Everyone is acting in the best interest of the game.

Speed Networking

Our Campus Team led an exciting round of Speed Networking and got to chat with participants from a diverse array of backgrounds. Hackers shared their goals, got to learn about the industry, and gained expert tips from our recruiters on how to achieve success. 

Our team was amazed by the talent introduced to us at SheHacks+ VI. These hackers represent the future of the video game industry, and, from what we’ve seen, it’s looking bright! 

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