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People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet John Lee, Special Effects Artist

From stunning visuals to technically challenging effects, John knows what it takes to bring worlds to life! With over...


The Art of Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds

With the release of the new Far Cry 6 expansion Lost Between Worlds, Art Director David Clement and team...


Ubisoft Indie Series Spotlight: Killjoy Games

We caught up with Killjoy Games, 2021 Ubisoft Indie Series National Bank Special Prize winner, on their recently released...


Ubisoft Toronto Reignites at the General Assembly

Ubisoft Toronto held its first General Assembly in over three years. Managing Director Istvan Tajnay reflects on how the...


Develop at Ubisoft and Ubisoft Toronto NEXT are back!

Calling all aspiring artists, gamedevs & project managers: Develop at Ubisoft & Ubisoft Toronto NEXT are back! A new...