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Be Inspired.

Kickstart your career in the industry with a paid apprenticeship and spend the summer learning from the studio’s top talent.

Be Creative.

Showcase your creativity and technical skill in one of six disciplines.


Last year, 12 students made the transition from student to game developer at Ubisoft Toronto through this program. Are you NEXT?


Thank you for your interest. Submissions are now closed.

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3D Art

In the 3D Art challenge (previously the Modelling challenge) create a 3D video game environment diorama of one of the scenes provided in an outlined story. Incorporate details and complexity that support your interpretation.

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Create a 3D CG animation based on an issued theme that shows off your skills. Submissions should highlight your attention to detail, use of believable body mechanics and creativity.

NEXT 2022 Watch Dogs Legion Mina Sidhu


Through this technical gameplay challenge, you will create and submit a game made entirely in C++ using a provided API. The API will be available for download one month before the challenge weekend.

NEXT 2022 Far Cry 6 characters Dani Rojas

Level Design

Apply your design sensibilities across the two-part Level Design challenge that will represent the production journey a mission takes, from its earliest “on paper” pitch to its very first appearance “on screen.”

NEXT 2022 Watch Dogs Legion Wrench

Technical Art

This challenge is all about creating a technical interpretation of an artistic challenge. Technical Art is a unique melding of art and technical knowledge. Construct the scene described in the 3D Art challenge, and then choose a technical area of focus to help bring your creation to life.

NEXT 2022 Far Cry 6 characters Rosa Mel

Concept Art

Bring a story to life. In the Concept Art challenge create your submission while paying close attention to broad descriptions and important details that will support your interpretation of the visuals.


To be eligible you must:

    • Currently attend OR have graduated from an Ontario post-secondary school no earlier than Spring 2020
    • Be an Ontario student or recent graduate with less than 2 years of professional experience in game development
    • Reside in Ontario
    • Be eligible to work in Canada
    • Submit the challenge individually. Team-based submissions will not be reviewed.

Full details on eligibility and submission requirements can be found within each brief.

Key Dates 2021-2022

3D Art

  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    3D Art challenge opens
  • MARCH 14, 2022 – 9 AM
    3D Art final submission deadline

Animation (Cinematics & Gameplay)

  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    Animation challenge opens
  • MARCH 14, 2022 – 9 AM
    Animation final submission deadline

Concept Art

  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    Concept Art challenge opens
  • MARCH 14, 2022 – 9 AM
    Concept Art final submission deadline

Technical Art

  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    Technical Art challenge opens
  • MARCH 14, 2022 – 9 AM
    Technical Art final submission deadline

Level Design

  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    Level Design challenge opens
  • JANUARY 30, 2022 – 11:59 PM
    Level Design phase 1 submission deadline
  • FEBRUARY 7, 2022
    Level Design phase 2 package available for download
  • MARCH 14, 2022 – 9 AM
    Level Design phase 2 submission deadline


  • DECEMBER 14, 2021
    Programming challenge opens, early brief available
  • FEBRUARY 11, 2022
    Programming API available for download
  • MARCH 11, 2022
    Programming challenge start & brief available for download
  • MARCH 14, 2022 –  9 AM
    Programming final submission deadline

Ubisoft Toronto NEXT is an annual competition designed to showcase the talent of video game development students in Ontario and to help kickstart their careers in the industry.

From School to Studio

Meet NEXT winners who made the transition from students to Ubisoft Toronto game developers

Meet David Kolodko — 2017 NEXT Animation Winner and current Gameplay Animator at Ubisoft Toronto

Discover how NEXT helped him break into the video game industry and kickstart his career!

Meet Jessica Le — 2021 NEXT Technical Art Winner and current Technical Artist at Ubisoft Toronto

Check out her top tip for anyone looking to break into the video game industry with Ubisoft Toronto NEXT!

Meet Josh Garcia — 2019 NEXT Level Design Winner and current Level Designer at Ubisoft Toronto!

Learn how NEXT and his supportive team helped kickstart his career in game design.


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