How Ubisoft Toronto Celebrates the Launch of Far Cry 6

The wait is over! 
Resolver weapons shall be fired, dictatorships shall be overthrown, and Amigos shall be pet as Far Cry 6 launches worldwide! 

There is much to be excited about and even more to celebrate as we journey into the tropical paradise of Yara. 

But how does one celebrate the culmination of many years of work across 11 studios worldwide? 

In style, of course. 

The production team at Ubisoft Toronto received a swag pack of Far Cry 6 goodies including a variety of fresh apparel, fun gifts, stunning artwork and the Collectors Edition of the game, which features an exclusive steelbook, artbook, game soundtrack, Chorizo keyring and a fiery (replica) Tostador flamethrower! 

Far Cry 6 swag package for Ubisoft Toronto production teams

Ubisoft Toronto Far Cry 6 jersey
Live Producer Jesse Knapp showing off his fresh fit.

But is it really a party if you’ve not had a selfie with Yara’s tyrannical dictator Anton Castillo? 

Studio members (and a few of their furry friends) got the chance to join El Presidente’s army and flex their creative chops in an interactive photobooth. 

These hilarious pics are certainly ones for the history books! 

Composite photo of Far Cry 6 photobooth pictures
From left to right: Winny Yang, Project Manager Intern; Melvin Philip, Model Artist; Amanda Belle, Sound Designer.


Composite of Far Cry 6 photobooth GIFs
Clockwise from left: Kurston Timothy, ERG & Partnerships Coordinator; Lucy Ofori, Events Intern; Miranda Ciolfi, Motion Capture Technician; Josh Garcia (L), Level Designer; Chris Conway (R), Level Designer.

To cap off the celebration, our team gathered (virtually) for a special live stream highlighting the teams’ hard work, the obstacles they’ve overcome and one particularly feisty dachshund. 

Here are some highlights: 

It Takes an Island 

When building worlds, every detail counts. Take a peek into the brilliant minds behind Far Cry 6 as they discuss how they drew on the culture, history and lived experiences of Latin America to create the vibrant and visceral world of Yara. 

How Chorizo is Made 

Take a look at the origin story behind the unlikeliest Amigo in Far Cry 6. What started as a piece of concept art eventually evolved into the adorable yet deceptively deadly companion. 

Sounds of a Revolution 

Yara was built to be lived, felt and heard. Each click of a trigger, each pounding military march, and every shout of victory were brought to life by an audio team who poured all their love into the game. Watch as Audio Director Eduardo Vaisman takes us through the sounds of Yara and her revolution. 

Like what you see? If you’re interested in walkthroughs and tips and tricks to make the most of your trip to Yara, be sure to check out Gameplan. And in case you haven’t picked up your copy yet, right this way.

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