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Far Cry Primal Breaks Down Ancient Stereotypes in TVO Documentary ‘Lady Sapiens’

March 7, 2022
2 minutes read

History has long portrayed our female paleolithic ancestors as the weaker sex, dependent on the dominant males who hunt big game. The roles of prehistoric women were often confined to the stereotypes of “gatherers” and “mothers.”

However, global scientific investigations and new cutting-edge technologies are revealing a totally different story.


Ubisoft and the Far Cry Primal team have collaborated with TVO to produce “Lady Sapiens,” a documentary that chips away at stone-age stereotypes.

Through conversations with over 30 scientists on excavation sites and labs in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel and the U.S., the documentary pieces together the untold history of the prehistoric woman.

Today, modern archeology, DNA analysis and other research are revealing a much more complex woman – a strong and respected provider, a mother, a fine craftswoman, but also a hunter or an artist.

To illustrate this portrait of a woman, the film is based on the universe of Far Cry Primal. Produced with the advice of scientists and historians, these images, treated like never-before-seen archives, transport us with emotion to the heart of the Paleolithic era, alongside the women of prehistory. For the first time, Lady Sapiens tells her story.

Watch the premiere of “Lady Sapiens” on Tuesday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET on TVO or stream on TVO.org or YouTube.

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