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Welcome to Ubisoft Toronto’s New Studio Experience: Hybrid Work Launch

June 16, 2022
3 minutes read
People talking in the dining space at the studio

We know creating a culture that encourages openness, innovation and creativity starts by offering employees a more balanced approach to their personal and professional lives. 

On June 13, our studio welcomed back our team with a new in-studio experience and the official rollout of hybrid and flexible work for employees. What does that mean for our team? Employees have greater control in shaping their work environments according to their work and personal needs, creating an environment to better foster a healthy work-life balance. 

This is just one part of our commitment to creating a culture that enables everyone to thrive, in a work setting that works best for them – whether that’s remote, a mix of in-person and work-from-home or returning fully to the studio.   

Hybrid Work Culture at Ubisoft Toronto 

To help studio members reach their full potential, Ubisoft Toronto is committed to providing a workplace that is: 

  • FLEXIBLE, making space for teams to create a relationship of trust, communication and open-dialogue to allow for greater flexibility in how they work 
  • INCLUSIVE and representative of the differing and evolving needs of our employees 
  • SAFE, from a mental and physical health perspective, as well as creating sustainable work-life balance. 

In preparation for the launch, our studio spaces and ways of working have undergone a makeover. Here’s what people returning to the studio can expect:  

People talking in the dining space at the studio

Glad to catch some familiar faces! Welcome back, team! 

New Workspaces for Collaboration & Socializing 

Hybrid meeting rooms 

People collaborating in the hybrid meeting room at the studio

These meeting rooms, with improved “plug n’ play” AV equipment and acoustic treatments, are perfect for those who are in-studio to collaborate with teammates working from home.  

Lounge areas 

People talking in the lounge area at the studio

Lounge areas are comfy spaces that facilitate socializing and enhance collaboration.  

Focus pods 

Focus pods at the studio

The place to be when you are looking to avoid distractions. 

Quiet rooms 

Man sitting in quiet space at the studio

These areas are designated zones for when you need silence around you. 

Ubisoft Toronto AFK Thursdays 

We know finding those moments of connection with coworkers has been hard over the last few years. That’s why we created AFK Thursday and AFK Friends & Family, making moments for our often-virtual team to unwind and connect with co-workers in person.  

All studio members – regardless of being remote or hybrid – are invited to these inclusive and enjoyable events that take place during work hours, not taking away from your personal time.  

Last month we kicked it off with a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium with friends and family.  

Expect a blast from the past at our next AFK! We’re having “A Night at the Arcade” complete with retro games like Skee-Ball, Tetris Arcade, Whac-a-mole, and Extreme Shot Basketball. Follow us on our social channels for an inside look. 

We’re excited to see where this initiative takes us. As the world changes, we are committed to offering a workspace that is healthy, collaborative, safe, and evolves with the needs of our team members. 

Join Our Team 

At Ubisoft Toronto, we welcome people who are excited to create the future of games in one of the most diverse cities in the world. And we believe that embracing our individuality helps us build stronger, creative teams and develop better games for all players.  

We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of art, technology and storytelling, and are looking for people to join us on this journey. Interested in being a part of our team? Visit our career page. 

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