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Life at Ubisoft Toronto

Can I apply to multiple positions within Ubisoft?

Yes! There are no limits on how many positions you apply for. However, to increase your chances of being contacted for an interview, we recommend only applying to jobs once you have confirmed that you meet all of the requirements.

Can I add multiple attachments or a link to my portfolio/demo reel?

Yes, after entering your profile information and uploading your resume click <next> and on the following page you can add any other supporting documents.

Can I edit or update my application after submitting?

Yes! You can edit your application after your initial submission.

What benefits and perks does Ubisoft Toronto offer?

Ubisoft Toronto offers a comprehensive health benefits package, generous RRSP matching, industry education support, training and career development, flexible days, on-site yoga and bootcamp classes, fresh fruit, life drawing classes, as well as spontaneous team surprises!

Does Ubisoft Toronto offer relocation assistance and support?

Yes, at Ubisoft Toronto we have a Global Mobility Team specializing in supporting our employees on their relocation requirements. We have varying levels of relocation assistance, from reimbursement to full services judged on a case-by-case basis.

What does it means when I’m asked if I’m legally entitled to work in Canada?

We ask this question to ensure that you have the proper documentation in order to work in Canada. Generally, you can work if you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. You can also work here if you have a Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you do not have these documents, we still encourage you to apply. At Ubisoft Toronto, we have a dedicated Global Mobility team that specializes in hiring overseas talents. We will work with you to assess your situation and determine how we can help you to obtain the proper documents.


How can I get involved with Ubisoft Toronto?

Ubisoft Toronto runs two competitions for students & new graduates every year – Ubisoft Toronto NEXT and Develop at Ubisoft.  

Ubisoft Toronto NEXT is an annual competition designed to showcase the talent of video game development students in Ontario and to help kick-start their careers with paid. Find more information about NEXT HERE

The Develop at Ubisoft (DAU) mentorship program aims to foster emerging talent, who identify as women, transgender, non-binary, and/or Two-Spirit. Participants receive mentorship throughout the competition, and winners receive a paid internship with our studio. Find more information about DAU HERE

Check out all our student initiatives HERE.

Does Ubisoft Toronto offer co-op and internship opportunities?

Ubisoft Toronto offers co-op and internships as needed. Check out our opportunities on our careers page and / or on your university & college careers portal.

We recommend checking our website regularly for updates and new opportunities.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for co-op/internships?

To be eligible for a co-op / internship, students must be currently enrolled in an Ontario post-secondary institution, returning to school upon completion of the co-op / internship, and eligible to work in Canada.

The job description for each role, will entail specific requirements and criteria for hiring.

What should I include in my application for a co-op or internship position?

You are required to submit your up-to-date resume as part of your application process. Additionally, you are welcome (not required) to provide a link to your portfolio / webpage showcasing samples of your work.

What can I expect in the interview process for a co-op or internship position?

If your resume is shortlisted for the position, you will be invited for a brief introductory call or asked to complete an initial assessment. Where applicable, successful applicants from the initial assessment will be required to complete a technical test. Based on the results of the technical test and / or initial assessment, you will meet the hiring team for an interview. Final decisions will be based on your evaluation at each stage of the interview process.

What learning & development opportunities does Ubisoft Toronto offer for co-op students/interns?

We have designed an engaging learning & development environment for co-op students / interns including soft-skills training, technical training, and mentorship from senior experts.
Additionally, we have built a community of interns & new graduates for ongoing support, engagement, and shared learning.

What opportunities does Ubisoft Toronto offer for New Graduates?

New Graduates are welcome to participate in Ubisoft Toronto NEXT and Develop at Ubisoft.  We also strongly recommend the Ubisoft Graduate Program – a 2-year career accelerator for New Graduates in the fields of UX Design, Project Management, Gameplay Programming, and Online Programming.  

You can review our international opportunities for New Graduates HERE

In addition, new graduates can also apply to any full-time position listed on Ubisoft Toronto’s career page.

Moving to Toronto


What can I expect when relocating?

The assistance of a dedicated Mobility team that will support you before, during and after your relocation.

How do I know what kind of documents I need to work in Canada?

Within the scope of the immigration process, our Global Mobility team will work with you to determine and apply for the necessary documents to start your new life here. Generally, we will help you obtain a work permit which allows you to work in Canada. As you work with the Global Mobility team, we will walk you through the process and provide you more details on the type of permits best suited for you and your family. The Global Mobility Team will support you with the entire process. Below are some valuable resources for your review.

How long can I work in Canada?

The length of your work period is dependent on the type of work permit that you are qualified for. However, we are committed to help you and your family stay in Canada permanently. There are many ways to help you obtain Permanent Residency in Canada. Our Global Mobility team will work with you on this long term goal. We believe that if you are going to move to Toronto, we will do our best to ensure that you can stay here.

I have a spouse/partner, can they work in Canada?

In most cases, your spouse or partner will also be able to work in Canada. You will need to prove that you are either married or have lived together for at least 1 year to qualify as common-law partner. Please note there are many professions that are regulated in Ontario, so we recommend that your spouse/partner do their own research on the type of the career they would like to pursue in Toronto.

Can my children go to school in Canada?

Yes, children under the age of 18 will be able to go to school in Canada without paying international student fees. There is no cost to send your children under 18 to public schools in Canada. However, if you want to send your children to a private school, you will need to pay tuition fees, which varies by school.


Can I bring my pets to Canada?

In most cases, yes you can bring your pets to Canada. However, the requirements are different depending on the type of animal you will be bringing. You can learn more about the requirements by going here.

Can I bring plants to Canada?

While we love the idea of plant parenthood, importing plants into Canada is very restricted. You will need to contact the National Import Service Centre to see the requirements for importing plants.

Can I bring my vehicles to Canada?

Bringing your vehicles into Canada can be tricky depending on the model and place of manufacture of the Car. Generally, importing vehicles from the U.S is significantly easier than elsewhere. Read more about it here.

Living in Toronto

What can I expect before I arrive in Toronto?

Before you arrive, you will be working closely with the Global Mobility Team to determine all of the logistics of moving to Toronto. Often, we will ensure that you and your family receive the proper authorization to work in Canada. When this is confirmed, we will work with you on the moving logistics.

What can I expect after I arrive in Toronto?

Depending on your needs, we can help you with:

  • Finding permanent housing
  • Banking and financial planning
  • Language classes for you and your family
  • Permanent Residency support

How can I drive in Toronto?

Toronto has a extensive transit system call TTC with a subway stop just a short walk from the Ubisoft Toronto studio. However, if you want to drive in Toronto, you will need to switch your driver’s license from your home country to an Ontario driver’s license. The process is different depending on where you are from. You can learn more about this process by going to the Ontario’s Driver’s License website.

What about healthcare?

Canada has universal health care. While working at Ubisoft, you and your family will most likely qualify for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). In most cases, there is a 3-month waiting period for the OHIP coverage. If this applies to you, we will ensure you and your family are covered under private insurance during this waiting period. Additionally, our company offers additional insurance benefits to ensure that you are covered.

Can I transfer my credit history to Canada?

A credit history is important if you want to apply for a loan/mortgage, or even rent a property in Toronto. This is a record showing that you are a responsible borrower and pay your loans on time.

If you are from a country that does not have a credit history system, you can start building your credit history in Canada immediately upon arrival. In addition, you can bring various documents with you to Canada to support your case as a responsible borrower. These documents can include:

  • Letter(s) from the banks in your home country showing good payment history
  • Letter(s) from your landlord or other creditors showing that payments are made on time

If you are from a country that has an established credit history system, we recommend that you apply for a credit history report prior to relocating to Canada. You can bring this report with you as proof of positive credit when you work with creditors in Canada. Additionally, there are many international banks that can transfer your credit history to Canada as long as you have an account with them.

What can I do for fun in Toronto?

The sky is your limit (figuratively and literally)! There is so much to do in Toronto and you’re guaranteed to never feel bored.

If you’re into sports, we have basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer teams that are always accepting new fans. If you’re looking to explore new culinary experience, we have everything from delicious street food to fine dining. Toronto also has a strong music scene with lots of homegrown talents and great venues, not to mention TIFF and the booming film industry.

What if big city living is not my thing?

Surrounding Toronto are 4 less populated regions making up the Greater Toronto Area. The cities within these 4 regions offer quiet neighbourhoods and lots of outdoor space. They are also within a 30 minute commute to Toronto.

There are also many parks within a couple of hours drive from Toronto for you to camp, hike and swim.

Can I buy a house in Toronto while on a work permit?

Yes, you can buy a house in Toronto while on a work permit. However, as of April 21, 2017, Ontario introduced a new Foreign Buyer Tax—a 15% tax on the purchase of a property. You do not have to pay for this tax if you work in Ontario for at least 1 year before buying your new home. Alternatively, you can apply for a rebate of the tax once you have worked in Canada for 1 year.

More questions?

You can find more information about life in Canada on the Government of Canada website