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Women of Ubisoft – Nuha Alkadi

February 7, 2020
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Nuha Alkadi Women of Ubisoft

“I’ve always loved stories. I love immersing myself into them. They can be relatable, and tackle themes and topics that can resonate with you in the long run.”

Talk to enough game developers (and trust me, I’ve talked to plenty of them), and you begin to realize that many of them never considered making games to be an option. That doesn’t apply to Nuha Alkadi, a narrative designer at Ubisoft Toronto. For Alkadi, game development was the goal from the moment she booted up Guild Wars on her PC when she was in middle school, and realized the potential for videogames to tell stories. When her high school art class assigned her a project to research and present on an artistic profession, she chose to learn about game designers. We spoke to her about how she joined Ubisoft Toronto, the power of narrative, and the importance of representation.

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