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Play-As-Anyone: The AI of Watch Dogs Legion

December 14, 2020
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How Watch Dogs: Legion's 'Play as Anyone' Simulation Works | AI and Games Documentary

Learn about the Play-As-Anyone system that gives life to the characters in Watch Dogs: Legion from the development team.

Designing Play-As-Anyone in Watch Dogs: Legion

Three Ubisoft Toronto experts from the Watch Dogs: Legion team sat down with Tommy Thompson of “AI and Games”, a YouTube channel that explores research and applications of artificial intelligence in video games. Liz England, team lead game designer for Play-As-Anyone, Jurie Horneman, team lead programmer for the Play-As-Anyone mission systems, and Martin Walsh, technology director for gameplay and AI, dive deep into the systems that brought the game to life.

During this feature-length documentary, find out about the game’s early inspirations and how our team overcame challenges faced along the way, approaching the complexity of procedural character generation, how real-time mission generation works, and the numerous systems that help manage a simulated London full of potentially playable characters,. Read more on Gamasutra.



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