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People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Andy Schmoll, Game Director

An unexpected part-time gig kickstarted Andy’s 18-year journey in the video game industry. While their path wasn’t always smooth,...


Words to Worlds: Exploring Narrative Writing in AAA Games at GDC 2023

Writing compelling narratives around gameplay constraints is a challenge that requires just as much creative storytelling as it does...


Ubisoft Toronto at GDC 2023: How Exceptional Mentors Grow Into Even Stronger Leaders

Having a mentor is like having a guide on a journey – someone who can offer advice, support, and...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Elise Bisson, User Research Craft Lead

Playtesting a video game isn’t just about playing games all day (if only!) Elise would know. She helps lead...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Holly Nadeau, Talent Acquisition Manager

Holly Nadeau has worn many hats throughout her career journey. From Global Mobility, Talent Acquisition and HR Business Partner...