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Ubisoft Toronto NEXT 2024 Winners — Celebrating Ontario’s Student Talent in Game Dev

We have our winners for the 2024 Ubisoft Toronto NEXT challenge! Hundreds of students and new grads across Ontario...


Develop at Ubisoft 2024 — Supporting Underrepresented Talent and Building a More Inclusive Industry

Over 230 students and new grads across Ontario competed to win a paid internship at our studio and the...


Striving Towards Diverse, Authentic Representation in Games: Meet Gayle McFarlane, Casting Specialist

Games are telling ever more diverse stories both in terms of cultures and experiences, and Gayle McFarlane knows the...


Play Underground Games! and 13AM Games winners of the Ubisoft Indie Series in Ontario

The Ubisoft Indie Series Grand Prize and National Bank Special Prize winners take home a combined $75,000 following the...


People of Ubisoft Toronto — Meet Johnny Lucas, Voice Designer

From a professional drummer to audio expert and voice designer on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Johnny Lucas takes us...