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Happy Diwali from Ubisoft Toronto and our Asian & Pacific Islander ERG

Members of our studio’s Asian and Pacific Islander (API) ERG shed light on why Diwali is significant to them...


QueerTech Qonference 2022 — 6 Tips to Practice in Your Next Networking Scenario

Talent Acquisition Specialist Jonathan Pavan shares how we can tap into our professional networks with authentic togetherness Last week...


Celebrating Pride Month with 2SLGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group Rainbow 6ix at Ubisoft Toronto

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate the history, courage and diversity of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Toronto...


Shaun Jennings Inspires Emerging Talent at the Black Youth Action Plan Hiring Fair

Interactive Ontario’s annual Black Youth Action Plan Hiring Fair creates opportunities for emerging Black professionals and students looking to...


Hack the ROM: Students Create Games Inspired by Indigenous Knowledge

After a semester of digital learning at the Royal Ontario Museum, Coordinators, Indigenous Museum Educators (IME), students and Ubisoft...