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Our Engine

Our powerful Snowdrop Engine enables developers to set their creative minds free. Fast and flexible, the Snowdrop Engine is a dynamic and interconnected system that empowers developers, equipping them with innovative tools designed from the ground up for creating ambitious AAA games.

The Snowdrop Engine provides the perfect canvas for our game developers to paint the games of the future.

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About the Performance Capture Studio

Our team of experts bring your story to life. The purpose-built 12,000 square foot facility features an expanded capture room with 30 ft ceilings, 20 ft scaffold towers, and three stunt beams to facilitate even more exciting stunts and wire work. Our studio is outfitted with 80 Vicon t-160 cameras to capture subtle performances with extreme accuracy, perfect for everything from a solo performance to large multi-character scenes.

Our studio is also a professional sound stage ready to record high-fidelity audio, virtually eliminating the need for ADR. The Ubisoft Toronto Performance Capture Studio delivers the ultimate in immersive entertainment experiences.

R&D / La Forge

Acting as a bridge between academic research and video game production, La Forge combines assets and data with the expertise of university researchers to drive innovation forward in the video game industry, while contributing to solving real-world problems through scientific publications.

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