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2023-2024 Canadian Impact Report: Embracing Change Today For a Better World Tomorrow

Learn how our Canadian teams continue to improve our in-game and real-life worlds for the benefit of our players,...


Hack the ROM 2024: Bridging Digital Literacy and Indigenous Knowledge

Hack the ROM connects Ontario students with Indigenous knowledge, engaging nearly 350 students from nine schools this year.


Ubisoft Indie Series Spotlight: Vivid Foundry

Founded by Tanya Kan, Vivid Foundry is a Toronto-based digital games and media development studio, creating original content that...


Ubisoft Indie Series Spotlight: Kitten Cup Studios

Founded by Saffron Aurora, Kitten Cup Studio is a small Toronto-based indie studio making cozy heartfelt games.


Play Underground Games! and 13AM Games winners of the Ubisoft Indie Series in Ontario

The Ubisoft Indie Series Grand Prize and National Bank Special Prize winners take home a combined $75,000 following the...


Meet the 2024 Finalists of the Ubisoft Indie Series Presented by National Bank

The Indie Series is an annual competition for independent game development studios, offering cash prizes, mentorship, and creative and...